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Drew Endy: Defining Synthetic Biology

"Make it easier to build things. Define the things you are building with by using standards. Hide biological complexity with abstraction."

Drew Endy: Believe in Synthetic Biology

"Why should you consider changing how you engineer biological systems from doing ad-hoc research to something that's a more scalable engineering framework?"

Drew Endy: What is a Standard Biological Part?

"What does it mean to have a Standard Biological Part - for example, a BioBrick-standard biological part? Well, why would something like that be important?"

4.1 - Adding and Documenting a Basic Part

In this screencast Reshma Shetty adds a basic part to the registry. Follow along at section 4.1 of the team experience tutorial.

4.2 - Entering Part Sequence and Features

Add the sequence and annotate several features,to finish entering the basic part in the registry. Follow along at tutorial 4.2.

4.3 - Reviewing Your Part

Learn how to locate and review a part you (or any other team) has designed on the Registry. Follow along at tutorial 4.3.