Make A Podcast!

Podcasts are short, informal media presentations distributed via the internet and often hosted by third-party sites like youtube, Google video and At the Registry we're making video podcasts on a variety of topics about iGEM and Synthetic Biology and we need your help! You can find lots of resources on how to get started at

Have an idea for a podcast? Add it to the list here. Want to make a podcast? Use this list for inspiration, then add a link to your video or audio.

  • How to make a podcast!
  • iGEM team introduction videos
    • Brown iGEM team Podcast - the team describes iGEM and Synthetic Biology
  • The Registry and Parts
    • How to add a part
    • Podcasts about cool parts
    • How to use the 2007 parts kit
  • Techniques & protocols
    • sweet pipeting techniques and tricks
    • site directed mutagenesis
    • rtPCR
  • Foundations of Synthetic Biology
    • What is Synthetic Biology?
    • Why should we believe in Synthetic Biology?
    • Why should we use Standard Biological Parts?
    • What is a BioBrick-standard Biological Part?