Week 14

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  • Meeting: Ethical issue.
  • Work on image segmentation algorithm.

  • Digestion of pSB4A3;
  • Run on electrophoresis gel.
  • pSB4A3 and I763033 band extraction.
  • Ligations for:

  • Digestions of:
-I763032 with Eco/Pst1;
-I763031 with Eco/Pst1;
-I763036 with Eco/Pst1;
-pSB4A3 with Eco/Pst1.
  • Ligations for:

Experimental Setup

  • To have an higher precision for our measurements, we have decided to get, for the same field of view on the same sample of bacteria solution, either a short film segment (from which we can extract frames) and a Microsoft Excel file, which contains a ten seconds interval of values from the photomultiplier output, taken at a 100Hz frequency.
  • In order to have the same focus for the microscope's oculars, the photocamera and the photomultiplier we have to calibrate our system by changing the position of both camera and photomultiplier.
  • Finally, we check that the photomultiplier field of view is the same size as the microscope's one: by moving the appropiate diaphragms, we adjust the previously done settings.

  • Trasformation of:

-I763034 with Xba/Pst1;
-I763031 with Eco/Xba and Xba/Pst1;
-I763032 with Eco/Xba and Xba/Pst1.
  • Run on electrophoresis gel and I763032 (Eco/Xba and Xba/Pst1) band extraction.