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The device that we develop (a comparator) is a very reusable part which allows very different applications. The proyect of this year is an almost direct use of it, a calibration machine of the streght of diferent promoters. Nevertheless, fitting perfectly in the modularity and reusablilyty ideas of syntethic biology and of course iGEM, this device could be used combined with other devices or even with itself to build more complex and sofisticated devices as it is shown in the idea section.

In fact, We have begun with the development of a biological proportional controller. A proportional controller is a devices capable to maintain the concentration of certain protein inside the bacteria between certain levels. Basically it contains a feedback loop which response is proportional to the error that we have. It is a clear demonstration of the versatility of the built device. The controller consist on two comparators, properly calibrated, working in parallel. The theoretical design of this device can be seen in controller section.