Melbourne/4 July 07 Digest


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  • Method Documentation Comenced:1 July 2007
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  • Experiment Completed:10 July 2007
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  • Prepare sufficient quantities of kit and other plasmids that are intended to be used in project.
  • Confirm of contents of minipreped plasmids by digest.


  1. Made up 25 Ampicillin plates using 400mL LB agar.(Using 100mg/ml Ampicillin stock from Gooley Lab).
  2. Make up Kanamycin plates.
  3. Resuspended the following from Registry plates.
  4. Transformed into Joe's competent DH5alpha cells.
  5. Streak the cells onto plates.
  6. Prepared in Amp LB (100ug/mL) or Kan LB (50mg/mL) as appropriate.
  7. Minipreped the cultures grown overnight after putting aside 1mL(sterile) for glycerol stocks.
  8. made glycerol stocks.
  9. Prepared an agarose gel with 1xTAE buffer.
  10. Digest
  11. Loaded 20uL of digest samples from 6/7 in the following lane order.


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