Imperial/Infector Detector/Implementation


Infector Detector: Implementation

DNA Construct Implementation
Construct Design
IC07 design ID.png
IC07 design ID-con2.png
Stage 1: Availability

Found as BBa_T9002 in Registry.
Imperial ID Design ID1.png
Found as BBa_J37032 in Registry.
Imperial ID Design ID2.png
Stage 2: Cloning / Amplification

BBa_T9002 - Lane 18 (1945bp)
BBa_J37032 - Lane R25 (938bp + 2079bp vector)
Stage 3: Ligation

Not Required Not Required
Stage 4: Purification of Activator Proteins

Not Required
Purification of LuxR protein (Protocol and Results)
Stage 5: Quality Control

IC 2007 Plux in vivo.PNG

  • Testing in vivo: Passed (Protocol and Results)
  • Sequencing of Construct: Partially Sequenced
IC 2007 LuxR testing 1.PNG

  • Testing in vitro: Failed (Protocol and Results)
  • Sequencing of Construct: Completed
Stage 6: Final Implementation Status Ready for Testing Aborted.
LuxR protein not functional.

Chassis Construct Implementation
Chassis Design IC07 CFS components.png
Stage 1: Availability

Possibility of making Homemade S30 Cell Extract. Commercially available S30 Cell Extract purchasable from Promega.
Stage 2: Preparation

Preparation: Done (Protocol) Preparation: Done (Protocol)
Stage 3: Quality Control

Stage 4: Final Implementation Status Aborted.
Expression capacity of chassis was low.
Ready for Testing

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