Imperial/Wet Lab/Lab Notebook/2007-09-07


7 September 2007

LuxR Purification

SDS-PAGE done. Columns: Gel Marker, soluble (diluted), soluble, insoluble (dilted), insoluble

We did a preliminary test on two protocols that were used to purify LuxR. One involve the extraction of LuxR in soluble form, while the other was the extraction of LuxR in the form of inclusion bodies.

The results suggest that soluble form protocol appears to yield increased amounts of LuxR protein (29kDa). This corresponds near to the marker set at 31kDa (the 5th line on the marker).



Sample 8, produced on 04.09.2007 was looked at again under the fluorescence microscope, and vesicles were still present at a density similar to that of the first observation.