Imperial/Wet Lab/Lab Notebook/2007-08-03


3 August 2007

Preparation of Stock Solutions

  • 2x 1 litre of M9 media
  • 2x 1 litre of LB media
  • 4x 500 ml of LB media in conical flasks

Preparation of Antibiotics Plates

  • 30x LB + Amp plates
  • 30x LB + Kan plates
  • 30x LB + Amp + Kan plates
    • 50mg/ml Amplicillin solution
    • 10mg/ml Kanamycin solution

Preparation of Competent Cells

  1. DH5alpha and XL1Blue were made electrocompetent

Protocols can be found at of Competent Cells in the general protocols page