Imperial/Wet Lab/Lab Notebook/2007-10-02


2 October 2007

Test purified luxR

  • Aim: The aim of this experiment was to test if the purified luxR works and if the construct 2 works
  • To test the purified luxR we used these Protocol
  • The results of this experiment can be found Results
  • The purified LuxR appeared to be functional in vitro, however there were stability issues that reduce the synthesis of GFPmut3b when pLux-GFPmut3b is used with purified LuxR.
  • For the characterisation of the infector detector system the pTet-LuxR-pLux-GFPmut3b (construct 1) will be used.

Test pT7 in-vivo

  • Aim: The aim of the test was to verify that pT7-GFP expresses in-vivo
  • The test was carried out using these protocols Protocol
  • The results can be found here Results