Imperial/Wet Lab/Lab Notebook/2007-09-12


12 September 2007

Expression of GFP in vitro under oil conditions

Today we tested to see if pTet-GFP can express in vitro under oil conditions. We tested the construct to see if there was expression and correct folding of GFP using 30ul paraffin oil. The results are on the following link | results

Evaporation under oil under constructs

Today we tested the evaporation under different oils. The results can be found on the following link [1] From these results we decided to use 30ul of paraffin oil.

Maxiprep of Biobricks

  1. Maxipreped 2 Biobricks

  • 13. BBa_B0015 [Stop]
  • 25. BBa_J37032 [plux-GFP]

Protocols can be found at | Maxiprep in the general protocols page